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Welcome to Green World Ecological Park! The first stop of the park is the Swan Lake where you can see pairs of black swans, white swans and mandarin ducks leisurely frolicking on the lake. How wonderful it is to feel their romantic and warm affection and watch birds gliding in the sky! Keep exploring, and you will discover the tropical rain forest where you can walk into the jungle world. There are other spots with curious and interesting animals, plants and insects in the Butterfly Ecological Park awaiting you to explore!

×Swan Lake Swan Lake

In the picturesque natural landscapes, swans are leisurely frolicking on the lake. White swans are the reincarnation of purity, beauty and kindness; and the noble black swans are speaking of their faithful love stories. In the crystalline reflection of the lake, swans are leisurely swimming around and crossing their necks in the shape of a heart. Such an endearing scene of love is admired by countless lovers on earth. Pelicans are sitting on the lawn enjoying sun-bathing at one time, and then swimming with the geese, ducks and Mandarin ducks leisurely the other time. Around the Mid-autumn Festival every year, there are different kinds of geese flying from Siberia to spend the winter here in the lake. They will return to Siberia around the Children’s Day flocks by flocks, and the geese that left behind will proliferate, one generation after another.

×Birdwatching Area I

The Birdwathcing Area I is an ideal spot for watching pelicans. Pelicans have long necks and giant beaks with an expandable pouch which is the fishing net of pelicans. Sometimes, they down-thrust to the water like a bomber; in the lake, they are like a carrier, and they are real good swimmers and flyers. Pelicans are cute and have a good team spirit, and they often catch fish in teams!

×Lakeside Coffee Shop

With a cup of coffee in hand, it is always fantastic and relaxing sitting by the Swan Lake enjoying the gorgeous natural landscapes around where elegant swans are leisurely swimming in the lake, experiencing the unique quietude of the mountain forests, or simply watching the geese and ducks frolicking in the lake.

×Birdwatching Area II

It is an ideal spot for watching the ecology of the Swan Lake because black swan couples, cute American wood ducks, spot-billed ducks, Mandarin duck couples etc are just a very short distance away. You can also have close interactions with lovely small animals. All of a sudden, you will find you have become a part of nature.

×Macaw Area

Have you even seen witty and lovely macaws with colorful feathers? We have a flock of lovely green-winged macaws, blue and gold macaws and scarlet macaws here. They are cute and calm, and can live up to 50-60 years old. As a kind of lively, active and smart bird, they play games and make you burst into laughter with their interesting and fun expressions and motions.

×Tourist Service Center

A building decorated in a primitive style with twitch-grass from the tropics, the Tourist Service Center has a strong sense of simplicity and naturalness. Attendants provide tourists with sincere enquiry services about the park, so that tourists can quickly and fully understand the characteristics and details of all areas in the park.

×Administration Center

The Administration Center is the place where Green World personnel are working for the operations and planning activities for the park. The entire building is made with clay wrapping and wood, and there are all kinds of plants inside to show the sense of green.

×Landscape Toilet I

As though in a tropical forest, the landscape toilet has door handles in tree shape, screens formed by naturally grown gigantic ferns, and pure stone-carved basins. Here, you can enjoy the primitive touch and the forest essence.

×Coco Bar

Plantain and coconut trees are grown on both sides of the Coco Bar with a twitch-grass roof to bring a strong South Asian mood. At the Coco Bar, tourists can enjoy fresh fruit while wondering around the natural forest park to experience and enjoy the pleasure from this land.

×Green World Plaza

Green meadow, blue sky and white clouds, children are running and frolicking whole-heartedly on the lawn. Dragonflies and butterflies are hovering about and gliding happily around. In the absence of clamor in the cities, you can see the natural green landscapes all around. On the Green World Plaza, you can lie, or sit, or gallop, the endless charm of nature makes you indulge in pleasures without stop.

Green World is also an ideal place for corporate activities. Besides releasing work stress, employees can get closer to one another through interactions in nature. This is how they can recharge for the future development of enterprises.

×Green World Plaza

Green meadow, blue sky and white clouds, children are running and frolicking whole-heartedly on the lawn. Dragonflies and butterflies are hovering about and gliding happily around. In the absence of clamor in the cities, you can see the natural green landscapes all around. On the Green World Plaza, you can lie, or sit, or gallop, the endless charm of nature makes you indulge in pleasures without stop.

Green World is also an ideal place for corporate activities. Besides releasing work stress, employees can get closer to one another through interactions in nature. This is how they can recharge for the future development of enterprises.

×Animal Amphitheater Animal Amphitheater

When watching shows given by the witty and lovely macaws, children are often attracted to their colorful feathers and swift motions. In addition to cycling, macaws can do simple arithmetic. How brilliant they are!

At the Animal Amphitheater, there are smart macaws and japalura showing off their knacks and skills; and their interactions with the audience is fun.

×Exotic Cuisine Exotic Cuisine

You can always have a coffee break at the plaza in front of the Exotic Cuisine when you get tired. During lunch or dinner time, you can enjoy Chinese, Western and exotic foods and beverages at the cuisine, including noodle dishes, simple meals and chicken nuggets, favorite of children, etc to satisfy your appetite.

×Landscape Toilet III

At Green World Ecological Park, we emphasize presenting natural landscapes in their primitive forms. Even the toilets are built with metal-free materials. In the “topless” design, the twitch-grass roof brings a strongly tropical atmosphere, the wood door handles and stone-carved basins make you feel the true charm of nature.

×Butterfly Ecological Park Butterfly Ecological Park

Atlas moths, which are bigger than two palms together, colorful swallowtail butterflies and three-spot grass yellow butterflies like falling flowers are flying in Asia’s largest butterfly ecology park. Through the mating, blowing, chrysalis and emergence of butterflies, you can see the wonder of the life of butterflies. In the nature classroom in the park, rhinoceros beetles, beetles, bees, mantes, locusts etc are cultured. In addition to watching butterflies, the evolution of ecology is the best-ever teaching materials, and nature is the greatest teacher. Let us explore the world of insects on field trips to Green World.

×Butterfly Shop

Inside the Butterfly Shop there are different kinds of butterfly specimens. Every specimen is indicated in its binominal name. There are also butterfly specimens for sale for tourists to bring the beautiful butterfly home.

×Lovely Animal Area

Spacious grasslands, ancient sleeper trail, in the wild forest there live the invaluable Formosan reeve’s muntjacs and lovely kangaroos. No need to climb over the mountain and run across the valley, you can interact with small animals very close here. Following the ancient sleeper trail, you can see different kinds of lovely animals. You may see reeve’s muntjacs frolicking in front of you, or kangaroos peeping you with wide-open eyes behind the bush on the trail. You can broaden your view and experience the most real and liveliest scenes of small animals. This is the favorite spot of children, and there are many other lovely and domicile animals waiting for you.

×Moving Plants Area

The sensitive plant is probably the most familiar species of sportive plants to most of us. Being touched, its leaves will close up and fall as though the plant was a shy lady. In the Moving Plants Area, there are many carnivorous plants which are also sportive. Like the Venus flytrap from North Carolina, USA, its two shell-like leaves can tightly catch any prey within a second. Some sleep at night, such as the creeping woodsorrel and the arrowroot. Here, you can learn the different aspects of plants and things about child-and-parent education. It is also an ideal site for field trips.

×Taiwan Native Fern Area

Gigantic ferns 1m in diameter were the dominant species on land about 340,000,000 years ago. After years of fossilization, they became the major sources of petroleum, coal and wood fossils today. In addition to greening the environment, ferns are good for building columns and beams and landscaping. Their fresh leaves can be turned into delicious dishes, and their capillaries are good haemostatic ingredient. In fact, the practical values of ferns benefit humans much. There are about 600 species of native ferns in Taiwan, and the Taiwan Native Fern Area has collected over 300 species. As the collection is rich and multidimensional, the area is an ideal classroom of Taiwan native ferns.

×World Orchid Area

The beautiful orchid angels in colorful gowns always swing elegantly in the breeze. They are from different parts of the world and have different names. Here in the World Orchid Area, a wide range of precious native orchids are collected, such as the Brazilian mock lime, the Yellow-flowered Calanthe, the native Cattleya etc. Here, you can explore the orchids in the world to fulfill your love for flowers and flower-watching.

×Taiwan Native Orchid Area

Taiwan Native Orchid Area has very special species. They are enervated and difficult to take care of. In this area, over 200 species of native Formosan orchids are collected. With the dedicated care and professional experience of our orchid team, native Formosa orchids are grown healthily in the natural environment. They have been the favorite of botanists for their light and refreshing fragrance; and the area is a highly recommended orchid watching spot by orchid lovers.

×Air Plants Area

Air plants are very special for their curious shapes, and the Bromeliaceae is a featured example. They grow on the bark of live trees or inside withered trees with simple root systems or in the form of parasite. As they do not root in the soil, they are called air plants. Raise your head and you can see the beautifully blooming blossoms of air plants all around.

×Herb Plants Area

The enchanting herb is a genus of a wide range of species, including the lavender, the rosemary, the common sage, the basil, the mint etc. One will be refreshed when looking over the spacious herb garden. Herb can be made into essence oil and bathing products. You can make herbal tea with herb and cook with herb, because it adds much flavor to everything.

×Cactus & Succulent Park

The cactus is originally from Latin America, Mexico and Arizona, USA. In this park, you can see over 1000 species of cactus and succulent. They have different features and some are poisonous. Many are over 100 years old. They flower once to twice a year. When they blossom, the entire park is covered with tens of thousands of colors and filled with countless types of fragrances.

×Amazon Rainforest Area

Biodiversity is a reality in the Amazon Rainforest Area because there are different kinds of insects, plants, birds etc there. Inside the park, the world-largest freshwater fish, arapaima, is kept. There are also iguanas, porcupines, Malaysian giant turtles, red-tail catfish and all kinds of chameleons in the area. Don’t forget your bring your camera to record this ecological trip of wonders in the tropical rainforest.

×Magic Seeds Area

Have you ever seen the large seed in the world? Several hundreds of valuable seeds are collected in the Magic Seeds Area, including the seed of coco de mer, the largest seed in the world which is bigger than two basketballs together.

The seeds of gymnosperm and peculiar plants are also collected in the area. Every seed represent a different species of plant. Can you guess how will the plant look like from its seed? You will learn a great deal after visiting the Magic Seeds Area.

×Carnivorous Plants Area

Do you know what carnivorous(insectivorous) plants are? They refer to a group of plants with special structures to trap and consume insects as snacks or additional dishes. Grown in barren and acidic soil, they can barely get adequate nutrients from the soil, so they need to trap and consume insects to supplement protein to maintain life. Green World has collected over 100 species of valuable insectivorous plants from Australia and South America. Just the pitcher plant alone, there are over 20 species. The largest one is even larger than an ordinary PE bottle, it is thus called the nepenthes truncate.

Different insectivorous plants have different insect trapping structure and methods, and have different lineages and evolution routes. As they are mysterious and have difference faces, every species is worthy of exploration.

×Rainforest Coffee Shop

At the Rainforest Coffee Shop, tourists can get a whole picture of the gorgeous scenery of Green World by overlooking the mountain view. As it is one of the best spot for appreciating the view of the entire park, together with a cup of coffee and the forest essence all around, it is a great joy in life. When the breeze blows by at sunset, it is truly romantic.

×Poisonous Plants Area

Do you remember stories about people were poisoned when using poisonous rosebay branches to serve meals because they forget their chopsticks? There are different kinds of poisonous plants collected in this area for tourists to learn about common poisonous plants and their characteristics, so that they can be more careful when hiking or outing.

×Bird Ecological Park Bird Ecological Park

It is a simulated open, natural bird ecological park and a clean activity space. On entering into the jungle, the loveliest big bird star black curassow will fly to the entrance, giggling and flirting, moving back and forth, to steal the show. There are a hundred more different kinds of birds shuttling in and out above you. Live and real gannets are standing right in front of you to let you see their true face and feel the loveliness of birds. Bird chirps run in rounds and never end, and you can always feel their joyful mood.

×Jungle Coffee Shop

Thick and solid timber chairs, clear glass round tables in artistic styles, at the Jungle Coffee Shop, you can enjoy the fun of the wilderness and the simplicity of nature when having coffee and meals with birds on the timber floors.

×Bamboo Path

When the breeze blows by, shadows of the bamboo swing, as though you were in the bamboo forest in Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon. Walking on the sleeper path covered with falling leaves, thoughts of the ancient past arises.

×Giant Tree Area

The giant tree in the area is a 200-year-old wild vitex in an elegant shape. A deciduous arbor of the Verbenaceae with palmate compound leaves, its spears are red and its root is divided into 8 sections. The distinctive feature of the giant tree is its twisted-towel-like root, which is peculiar and interesting. It fact, it has been standing there through countless typhoons and earthquakes.

×Mountain Pass Gate

The creeping sky flowers around have been grown there for over 80 years by early Hakka settlers when they began cultivating the land. The flower is a good source of honey. It is also the setting of stories between early Hakka settlers and the Saysyat Tribe.

×Hakka Ancient Restaurant

The Fans Residence, Kaopingtang, is the most famous ancient Hakka residence in the park. This ancient 3-in-1 complex has over 100 years of history. Inside the residence, there is a pair of stoves, a hog ring, an ox tall and a pit. Everywhere is a walking history and has marks of aging. As it is a very old premise, the Green World hired traditional masons and used old materials and has spent a lot of time and money to restore it in order to conserve the original characteristics and taste of such a historical building.

As the highest point of the park, Kaopingtang is located at the entrance of the mountain pass. Therefore, tourists can get a whole picture of the mountain scenes near the park. It is thus the common dining place for employee gatherings and enterprise reunions. Hakka tunes are broadcast inside the restaurant to add the Hakka flavor to the atmosphere. You can enjoy authentic Hakka food at the restaurant and experience the life and cultural contents of ancestors, and the traditional and simplicity of Hakka culture.

Capacity: 60 tables, each 10 persons
Reservations: 0912-692877(Manager Hsu)

×Eastern Beauty Bridge

It is said that the Cowherd and Girl Weaver meet one another at the bridge of magpies on the 7th of the seventh lunar month. With the same expectation, in the first step onto the Eastern Beauty Bridge, traditional Hakka cuisine is waiting for you on the other side of the bridge. There is also the natural and sincere Hakka service spirit. Looking down from the top, you can always brew a pot of Eastern Beauty Tea to reward your soul.

×Outdoor Butterfly Garden

Wandering along the twisted path, the light steps make one feel pleasant. With colorful butterflies hovering above, looking at the cloudless blue sky in the Outdoor Butterfly Garden, don’t forget to record this beautiful day with your camera. In the great green wilderness, you soul is liberated like the waltzing butterflies.

×International Conference Center

The breeze blows gently, the smell of forest spreads in the air, birds are chirping, and colorful butterflies are flying along the twisted path. The International Conference Center is hidden in the great green bamboo forest. The open conference space is spacious. Combining with the green around, you will be refreshed, pleased and fill with spirit. Besides an ideal recreational area, the International Conference Center in the park is a perfect Conference Center.

×Landscape Toilet II

At the Landscape Toilet II, you will find yourself in a kind of a jungle. The Shorea robusta, the archaic twitch-grass building, together with the world’s largest shell in design, you will be surprised!

×Bees Shop

Bees work continuously for food. They collect honey in the day and make honey at night. They not only collect pollen and honey, but also accomplish the pollination mission for beautiful flowers and fruit tees. Bees are social insects, and there is only one mother bee, i.e. the queen bee, in a flock leading tens of thousands of worker bees and hundreds of drones. Every flock of bees has well-established division of labor to maintain the survival of the flock and to continue life.

×Water Plants Park Water Plants Park

The Water Plants Park in the Green World is one of the largest of its breed in Asia. There are over 500 species of water plants in the parks, including all kinds of submergent plants, floating plants, emergent plants and free floating plants, such as the yellow water lily, the Lsoetestaiwanensis Devol, the Egyptian paper reeds etc.

When the flowering season comes, the park is like putting on new clothes. There are flowers of different colors and sizes blooming everywhere. Particularly in summer when the Senegal tea plant blossoms, over a hundred milkweed butterflies are attracted to it and come gathering honey, thus forming a fancy scene of the fusion of water, butterflies and flowers.

×Water Plants park

Looking at all kinds of water plants floating on the murmuring water running along the twisted stream, sitting under the swinging banana trees, having a cup of coffee and tasting some snacks, enjoying the touch of the tropical mood, you can enjoy the sensation of nature everywhere in Green World when the sunlight casts the print of leisure and laziness upon you.

×Tropical Pavilion

In the Tropical Pavilion of Green World, there are all kinds of curios, arts and souvenirs, do not miss it!

×Landscape Toilet IV

The landscape toilet in the style of wilderness is filled with green plants and equipped with stone-caved basins. Looking down the mountains and forests below, tourists will be refreshed.

×Butterfly Pathway

Different kinds of gorgeous flowers and plants are grown on both sides of the path. When the blooming flowers swing in the breeze, butterflies are attracted to collect honey. Wondering along the cement-paved path in the close contact with butterflies, tourists can feel the leisure and green atmosphere and the surprises everywhere in the park.

×Biodiversity Adventure Area Biodiversity Adventure Area

Biodiversity refers to the ecosystems that are formed by all kinds of animals, plants, living organisms and environments in the world. Green World imports different kinds of rare animals and plants from America, Africa and Australia to simulate the tropical rainforest situation. By the murmuring water, you can hear frog cries and insect chirps and see sloths slowly crawling on the tree branches and giant serpents coiling around the tree trunks. The world’s largest land tortoise—Aldabra tortoise, chameleons, arrow-poison frogs, giant lizards, giant millipedes, curly hair spiders, vines, ferns...there are surprises everywhere. There are also the lovely and shy red-legged pademelons. The true face of nature is presented to you as is, and nature is awaiting you to explore its wonders.

×Rain Forest Skyway

Green World introduces the Taiwan-unique Rainforest Skyway. Walking on the skyway 15m above ground; overlooking the mysterious primitive tropical rainforest, the waterfall with murmuring water, the misty valley, the huge Platycerium wallichii Hook spreading everywhere, the towering jungle with crisscrossing vines, the blazing Tillandsia, all kinds of orchids competing for uniqueness and brightness, dendrobes, gigantic rainforest plants, and the extremely beautiful Polyura narcaea meghaduta; and listening to the frog cries and bird chirps, it is like you were having a forest bath in the Amazon tropical rainforest which refreshes you.