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Ticket Information
Ticket Type Price Requirements
Full-price Ticket NT$380

Tourists unqualified for half-price, Disabled ticket, or free admission.

Half-price Ticket NT$320

1. Children Ages 3 or older / height more than 90 cm
2. pre-school, elementary school and junior high school students (ID needed)
3. Ages 65 or older  (ID needed)
4. Teachers (ID needed)
5. VIP groups(ID needed)

10% discount for groups of 30 people or more (except teachers and VIP groups)

Disabled Ticket NT$190

For the disabled, and carer by one person (Disabled ID needed)

Free Admission Free

1. Citizens of Xuejia Dist (ID needed)
2 .Citizens of Beipu Township is free on the 1st day of every month (ID needed)
3. Children under 90cm tall, or under 3 years of age (IC card needed)
4. Brides and grooms (taking wedding pictures in the park)


Opening hours:

 1Business Hours: 8:30am to 5:30pm (flexibly extended on public and national holidays)

 2Ticket Selling Time: 8:30am to 4:00pm

 3For travel agents, coaches, schools and social groups, please contact the service
  hotline: +886-3-580-1000

 4Ticket prices are subject to change without prior notice. Please check the prices
  announced at the park


Notice for Tourists:
 1No pets are allowed inside the park.

 2No cycling or other vehicles are allowed in the park.

 3The park is an open zoo and botanical park. Tourists are strongly advised not to
  pick plants or feed animals inside the park.

 4No cooking, barbecues, camping or picnics are allowed inside the park.

 5Do not bring dangerous objects, such as knives, guns, glass containers, chemical
  substances, toxic substances and flammable substances to the park.

 6It is our responsibility to maintain natural ecological and environmental landscapes.


Clothing and Equipment:
 1The park occupies a spacious area, and there are many uneven trails and slopes inside
  the park. We strongly recommend tourists wear casual shoes when visiting the park.

 2Tourists are recommended to prepare replacement clothes, sun-shielding and mosquito
  repelling products when visiting the park in summer.

 3Please prepare umbrellas and raincoats when visiting the park during the plum rain season.

 4The Bird Ecological Park and Swan Lake in the Park has rich ecological resources for
  the Family Anatidae, we recommend you to bring your binoculars with you in order to watch
  them closely.